The Fight Against Abortion Restrictions: Time to Take Our Power Back

On June 24, 2022, women in the United States lost their constitutional right to decide what to do with their bodies. Our leadership has now signaled to us, against our will, that our primary role is birthing children, at any cost, even if it cost us our lives. But women in America, now second-class citizens, hold more power than they know. Making up roughly half of the US population we hold the ability to halt population – and ultimately economic – growth. It’s time we put our feet down and tell US leaders, businesses, religious institutions, and unsupportive partners, to be prepared to suffer the consequences if we don’t receive the rights we deserve. Our protest can be powerful and swift, but our ability to hold on collectively until change is made will be vital to our success.

Pro-life advocates say this anti-abortion fight is to save the lives of unborn children. But is it? If this statement was true, then GOP leadership and those who support pro-life causes would be focusing on preventing any unwanted or unplanned pregnancies in proven effective ways. Things like affordable, accessible, reliable birth control, and sex education. All these actions help end abortions but do not infringe upon the rights of women. So why do they choose to enact abortion restrictions – which are widely known to NOT prevent abortions, just make them more dangerous for women? Further, if the pro-life initiative is truly about saving the unborn, pro-life advocates would be just as passionate about fighting to end in-vitro fertilization. After all,  in-vitro destroys millions of embryos that are fertilized and not used.

As much as the pro-life advocacy has tried to pull the wool over our eyes, it’s clear their intent. But as women – and the men who support women’s equality rights – we still can fight this war that has been waged against us. It’s won’t be easy; it won’t come without sacrifice. The alternative is, however, a life without freedom.

Take Our Power Back Steps

1.       Our greatest fight against the recent legislation is to REFUSE to have children until the laws are changed. This means investing in the most reliable contraceptives – IUDs and tubal ligations (tubes tied). If we choose to have intercourse with these contraceptive measures, our likelihood of getting pregnant is greatly reduced. For those who cannot get access to these reliable contraceptives, other forms of birth control can be used, but are not as reliable. We must work with doctors, Planned Parenthood, and other women’s rights advocacy groups in helping those who cannot get the most reliable contraceptives to receive better access to them.  And if you can’t get access to birth control and your partner will not support safe sex, refuse to partake in any activity and find a new partner who wants to keep you safe.

2.       For those who have been planning to have children, I encourage you to change these plans immediately and to be vocal about why. This may be hard for some as having a child may be your dream. But you can delay your plans. Ask yourself, do you want to bring a child into a world that does not offer freedom to every citizen? In addition, if complications arise during your pregnancy now, you may be refused medical care even if it may cause your death for even an unviable pregnancy.

3.       If you are dating or married to partners who do not support women in their right to choose, move on. These partners do not, and will never see you as equals, and I believe everyone deserves better than that. I can promise you, that there is another partner out there willing to fight for you, your rights, and all the other women in your life. We women cannot continue to add value to and support partners who wouldn’t, and don’t, do the same for us.

4.       Refuse to work for employers who do not offer support for abortion care and advocate for your rights.

5.       ALWAYS VOTE. In every election, for every position, especially your state house and senate representatives. Do not vote for representatives who do not support pro-choice and/or access to reliable birth control.

6.       If you can, move out of states that have abortion restrictions. Do not allow them to collect another tax from you!

7.       Do not purchase from companies that restrict abortion rights to employees or openly support pro-life initiatives. Let’s financially support companies that help uphold our fundamental rights.

8.       Aggressively pursue lawsuits against men who get women pregnant and skirt responsibilities. If states consider life to start at conception, men must owe their fair share of child support/care, and medical costs AT THAT TIME. Men, often “off the hook” once getting a woman pregnant, must be held responsible for their part in pregnancies. It’s time for equals to be equal as it takes “two to tango” when making a baby.

Women make up half the US population, and studies suggest that 55% of the American population identified as pro-choice. This majority influence suggests that if we collectively work together, the actions above will send a clear signal to elected officials, companies, religious leaders, men, and other women in support of pro-life that THEY are the minority and that women have fundamental rights. These actions will result in serious financial implications for states and companies that rely on taxes and sales from pro-choice women and men. Not only that, the Unites States’ current economic system relies heavily on population numbers for economic growth. But restricting birth rates, thus population growth, and financial support for non-supportive states, companies, and elected officials, pro-choice women can regain their power lost.

Until we are given our freedoms back and are given the opportunity to choose when and if we want to become mothers, we must fight back in ways that our oppressors understand – money, power, birth rates, and influence. Take the pledge to #takeourpowerback. Women now and into the future will be sure to thank us.


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