Why Won’t My Dog’s Ear Infection Go Away? Tips and Tricks to Help Solve This Problem

Why Won’t My Dog’s Ear Infection Go Away? Tips and Tricks to Help Solve This Problem
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

(This post is re-post from the original feature on Private School Pup’s blog page)

I often foster dogs from Ohio Fuzzy Pawz Shih Tzu Rescue, which means I see a lot of Shih Tzu’s come and go in my house. With lots of hair and long ears, I – and other fosters and owners – are often battling recurring ear infections. Not only is this frustrating because we know it doesn’t feel good for the dogs, but it can be costly (non-stop vet visits!) and time-consuming.

After asking many pet owners and rescuers what they have tried to solve these never-ending ear infections, the below are some of the most common and successful tips, hints, and things that helped many solve this common issue.

* Important note: always visit your vet to talk about this issue and make sure that ANY medication or product used will not in any way harm your dog.*

Photo by sergio souza from Pexels

Some Tips:

1.       Probiotics and vitamins, like Zesty Paws – in addition to any medications, your vet has prescribed, may help your dog not have these infections. Just like supplements humans take, these additional nutrients can greatly benefit your pets.

2.       Check for ear mites and ask your vet for more information. Some infections are actually not infections but are mites. Make sure to treat the real underlying problem as it will definitely help in your long term success in resolving ear issues.

3.       Start to see if your dog has food allergies. Allergies to foods can cause all kinds of issues, which includes recurring infections. Many dogs have allergies to various food items in the diet. To help identify the food potentially causing the issue, you can do an elimination trial or a blood test. You can find more information about this process and food allergies here.

4.       Many have noted that regular cleansing with Zymox Wash  has permanently keep infections away once the initial incident is resolved.

5.       Many groomers note that keeping ear hair trimmed greatly aids in keeping ears clear and free from infection. If you don’t have a groomer, this is something you can easily do at home!

Have other tips or things that have helped you solve recurring ear infections in your dog? Please share with our readers in the comments below!



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